Flat Marker / Bevel Marker

Flat & bevel memorials come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will commonly see a rectangular marker due to cemetery regulations. Flat markers are usually installed flush with the ground, and are mostly used only in cemeteries that require this style or when being used as a foot stone. The bevel style has a very slight slant. Both flat and bevel markers can be used for a single grave or as a companion monument. The engraving space is limited as compared to an upright, due to the fact that you only have one plane of the monument to work with. This style is the most economical.


The slant style monument is roughly shaped like a wedge, with a vertical back, and the slanted face being the front. The slant monument can be installed with or without a granite base. This style is midway between a bevel monument and
the upright.


Upright monuments come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes; providing a full range of creative and personalized works of art.


Wing monuments can be described as two individual monuments joined together to make a companion. They can also be designed as one whole monument with a cut-out in the center which gives the illusion that it is two separate monuments.




Custom monuments are our specialty.  A custom monument can be any shape, size or color.  For an individual, couple or a family.